About Us


Made in Colombia

In 2015 the spark of our rocket shined for the first time. After his USA "solo travel" John Palacio (Founder and Director at Inventistas) decided to establish a small creative agency to produce jobs and help to make fair and flourishing a country full of war but also full of talent and kindness.

The ride has been no easy, but clean, effective and smart work has taken Inventistas from local clients in the first days to worldwide projects and companies. Every story is different but we'll be glad helping to write yours.

Inventistas is a mix of words in Spanish, this are Inventor + Artista = Inventista.

Art can be mixed with marketing and business, not just for making money but for change the world.

Graphic design and beautiful aesthetics is our professional core business, we're looking for inspiration everywhere. In a more transcental way, what we really have inside is this spirit that wants help to make a better world, based in science, in fair markets and true innovation.

The Process


  • 1

    First stage, keys: briefing, setting goals, benchmarking, creating concept with creative processes and Design Thinking.

  • 2

    Now that we'll know how the aesthetics will be ideas are converted to visible elements, pure magic!

  • 3

    At this stage we put wheels or a rocket engine to the visual, meaning now will be interactive and attractive.

  • 4
    Takeoff Phase

    Now you have a good looking rocket with powerful engines and design, houston... your startup is ready to fly!


Crypto Payments Accepted

Inventistas is now accepting payments with Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin. This are extra options, because we also accept Paypal, Western Union or Direct to Local Bank (ask us for more options).

Our Magical Mix

Design Thinking + Inbound Marketing

This are two "methodologies" or tools if we can call it this way. Design Thinking allow us to make iterative and creative processes on a fun-efficient™ way, always thinking out of the box.
Inbound Marketing is a human approach for digital marketing, it doesn't think in people as a numbers, but as an intelligent and sensitive humans. Instead of interruption, Inbound Marketing is all about delivering useful content when the buyer needs it.

  • Money Efficiency

  • Time Efficiency

  • Innovation as a Key

  • Appealing to Emotions

  • Highly Social

  • More Secret Tools...

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